Welcome to the 2020 CCRA Worldwide Preferred Hotel Program!

This year we have made it even easier to sign up for the CCRA Worldwide Preferred Hotel Program by creating a convenient on-line form. Click here to create your account

Once you have signed up, you will be guided through our standard property information form. After completing and reviewing your property information, you will then choose your CCRA Program level. And after one last review of your entries, you're done.

What’s required to join the CCRA Hotel Program?

Ensure rates and amenities are in parity with all other unrestricted rate programs offered through third-parties both on-line and off-line, including consortia, TMC’s, associations, consumer sites and proprietary supplier sites.

Rates must be LRA (last room availability) and commissionable (10% domestic and 8% international).

Rates must be a minimum of 10% off corporate rate. This becomes the ‘ceiling rate.’

Rates may be fixed or may fluctuate with BAR, but must not exceed the ceiling rate.

If you are a returning user and did not complete your previous entry,
please enter your Username and Password to continue from where you left off.

*Note, a separate login needs to be created for each individual hotel. If you're submitting multiple hotels, please select First Time User after each Individual hotel has been completed and submitted.

If you are new to our program, click here to create  a CCRA account. You will be prompted for a user name and password for your new account along with contact information.

For your convenience, your CCRA Program Application will be available for 30 days once started, and may be completed over multiple sessions.

Questions? Jolene Volkart
RFP Program Manager call:+1 682-232-2999



Please note, CCRA does not require rates to be submitted. In order to offer the most up-to-date property information, we no longer issue a static printed directory, but instead offer your hotel, rates and inventory on our live, real-time, on-line booking tool via Amadeus.

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